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          Xinzhou Vocational and Technical College is a state-run and full-time college authorized by the People’s Government of Shanxi Province and put on record in the Education Ministry of the PRC. The college, located in the Xinzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone, covers a land of 500 mu with a construction area of 180,000 square meters, including a office and teaching storied building, a Multi-functional lecture hall, a building for practice and practical training, the students’ apartment block, an art gallery, a library and an all-weather playground. The whole design may be called first-class. There are Finance and Economics Department, Nursing Department, Machinery and Electric Department, Medicine Department, Application of Computer Department, Art Department, Management Department, Fine arts department, Foundation Department and Technical Secondary School Department. The college has 10 specialities for vocational college and 32 specialities for technical secondary school. There are 5,200 students and 297 full-time teachers, including 126 associate professors, 158 teachers with mid-level position,more than 20 with postgraduate education, and nearly 100 double-skilled teachers.
          There are 17 basic laboratories and 32 special laboratories, a subsidiary hospital, 2,000 computers for the students and 1,070,000 books in the library and the total value of the instrument adds up to more than 10 million yuan.
    Under the guidance of Scientific Outlook on Development, we stick to the principles of developing the traditional specialities, being well done with the newly developed specialities and setting up characteristic specialities. With the Nursing Speciality leading the way, we have the characteristic specialities, such as embroidering design by computer, cartoon design by computer, local opera “Beilu Bangzi”, “Erren Tai”. All those have laid the foundation of the further development of the college.
          We insist on the strategy of sustainable development, development on both the software and the hardware, development on both the School counterparts and the job recommendation, and development on both education and profession training. Three institutions and three entities have been set up, profession training center, profession identification center, profession recommendation service center and an Affiliated Hospital,  an Art Troupe ,a medical examination center.
         The college provides a platform for the students’ multiplication development. After graduation the students can get the certifications such as junior college certificates, technical secondary school certificates, profession qualification certificates, driving licenses, etc.
          The Higher Educational Association of China has appointed our college an Education Consultant Unit in the China's Western Region. Beijing University of Chinese Medicine and Shanxi University have set up a Long-distance Education center and a teach-by-correspondence center through which the students can get undergraduate certificates and junior college certificates after finishing their courses.
            At the present time, with the help of the policy of developing vocational education issued by the CCP and the government, the college endeavours to establish a first-class and a model vocational

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